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In the Frame of the French Law, we have the obligation to inform our Customers, as a Supplier, of the general terms of Sales of our range of Products.

The purpose of those conditions is to restrict our sales partnership in order to prevent from any incident.

We are however mainly dedicated to provide the best service to our Customers, by answering to their needs and expectations, in order to give them entire satisfaction within our whole service provision.


Our sales department remains at your disposal to inform you, support you and handle your orders.

You can reach it :



Validity of the orders

All written orders sent are considered as accepted by our sales department as soon as we send back an acknowledge receipt of orders and/or as soon as a delivery note is issued.


Certificate of compliance

We are certified ISO 9001 since 1994. In case this certification shall not be enough supportive in regards to your quality requirements, and that a certificate of compliance or a chemical analysis certificate shall be included together with the delivery of your order, your orders would thus be handled specifically.

Such procedure will trigger off strengthened controls and double controls at different stages of your order :

  • Recording of the order
  • Production

  • Logistics

This specific procedure will incur addtional costs for which you will be partially invoiced.

Certificate of compliance and chemical analysis certificates can be provided with the order at the following conditions:

They must be asked on the order. A lead time of 8 working days is necessary to provide any certificate of compliance or of chemical analysis.

They cannot be asked in any way after shipment of the goods.

  • Certificate of compliance costs : 25€

  • Chemical analysis certificate costs : 25€

Shipment conditions

From case to case, your order can be shipped the day after the order has been received.

We are invoicing our shipment costs (which would depend each time on the weight, volume of the goods and of the forwarder chosen), but you are free to use your own carrier. In that case, transport would have to be organized from your side and SEDC would not be held liable for any damage which could have occured during transport.



The pneumatic inserting tools are under guarantee for a year for all hidden defect, in the exception of a normal wear and tear of the pieces and not if the instructions use are not respected.


After-sales Service

We ensure maintenance and repairing of the pneumatic inserting tools. When your equipment will be received, our after-sales service will automatically establish a reconditioning price offer. Once you will provide us with your agreement, we'll proceed with the equipment repairs.


Specific orders

They trigger off the launching of a special production. They must be received in a computer or written form and cannot be cancelled in any way. Moreover, an advance payment of 50% can be asked at the order stage.



In order to be admissible, your claims must be expressed within one month the latest after reception of the goods.


Litigation settlement

All litigation which can occur during and/or at the order fulfillment will only be handled under the Tribunal d'Instance de Bonneville's jurisdiction.


Return of goods

If you wish to send us back some products, the following conditions will be applied:

  • We do not accept product that are returned to us without our prior agreement first
  • The goods returned can be taken back only if they are received in their initial packaging and in sound conditions.
  • Should the goods be received one month after purchase, we reserve us the right to apply an alllowance of 30% on the value of the goods.
  • The return of the goods will be definitively accpeted depending on the condition of the goods upon reception.



Payment deadline and discount

In case of late payment of your orders, we won't have other choice but to proceed with the blocking of your customer account. This means that the deliveries of your orders will be postponed until all due invoices will be paid. In case of regular late payment, we will change your payment conditions, your order will then only be delivered after payment is received only.

We won't accept any automatic discount applied on the amount of our invoices without our prior agreement.


Property transfer

The property of the product sold remains ours until full payment is completed.